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Sunday, January 10, 2010

Yousaytoo Holiday Dream Gift

Yousaytoo Holiday Dream Gift

While I was surfing for some prospective online friends blogger to help me in my current online contest, I stumbled on this wonderful holiday dream gift by Yousaytoo.com. 
 This site offers:
Additional way to promote your content
- SEO & monetization done by professionals
- More readers and followers
- Extra revenue from your content
- Popularity on the web 

and the chance to win $1000 dream gift which was described in the dream gift post.
Nine others will  also receive fun gifts of their choice (which you mentioned on your dreamlist)

Why do I need the $1,000 dream gift? Because of the hard life that many of us is suffering as of now, we really needed that amount. Who else doesn't want a great award like that. We are just an average people, my salary and hubby's was just enough for our monthly expenses, considering that my baby is consuming 1kg milk every week (huh). 

Last year, I felt this great pain in my stomach and back and for days I  was not able to work because I can't stand and walk, (what a horrible experience)  I went to a doctor and was advised to take an ultrasound and there many big stones were found and I was dianosed to have gallbladder stone and was prescribed to drink medicines and I was advised to have an operation right away because it can be fatal. Can you imagine that, where could we get that Php. 80,000 plus money on an instant.  At first, I am really desperate and crying for weeks. But hey, i need to be strong, i have just given birth and I have a  daughter who needed me and there is always the Good Lord who works in mysterious ways. 

As an additional awards, i would love to have  this beautiful gifts: 

USB Tulip Hub

Turn your desk into a blooming garden with this pretty tulip USB hub! Four USB high-speed ports are included, with one colorful red flower for each. Compatible with most USB plugs, for both Mac and Windows systems. Plastic parts. 2.5”

Retro Web Cam

We're bringing a glamorous, retro-inspired take on the old boring webcam. Bring a touch of old Hollywood to your desktop PC with this fully functional webcam that looks just like an old camera.

With a built-in microphone, fine focus wheel and high-quality lens, it's great for video conferencing and taking individual shots.
* 1.3 Mega Pixel Retro Webcam
* Tripod
* Easy-to-load Windows Software CD
The Retro Web Cam's Tripod measures 5.5 inches tall to 8.25 inches tall when fully extended. The Retro Web Cam Camera measures 2.5 inches tall x 1.25 inches wide.
I do hope and wish that I could win this one. This will be a great help to have my operation. 

You can help me by visiting this post at http://www.yousaytoo.com/melandria/blogs/my-journey-to-life/870?11144
and just leave your comment. 
Thank you in advance.


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