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Sunday, January 10, 2010

Catch a Real Leaf! Paparazzi Blog Contest

Another exciting contest offered to all Nuffnang's members:

Real Leaf Green Tea is made from 100% whole grean tea leaves that’s naturally packed with Theanine, and has a delicious hint of fruit and honey. You know it’s good for your mind and body.
But do you know just who might be drinking Real Leaf Green Tea?
Real Leaf launches its Paparraz-Tea blogger contest, open to all the bloggers of the Nuffnang Network!
Here are the mechanics:
1. This contest is open to all Nuffnangers and will run until January 31, 2010.
2. To join, bloggers must take a picture of a person drinking Real Leaf and create a blog entry about it explaining:
  • Why the person was drinking Real Leaf
  • The situation the person was in
3. Each blog entry must have the uniform title: “Real Leaf Paparazzi”.
4. Once you’ve published your entry, drop an email to realleafteacontest@gmail.com with a link to your post so we can keep track of it!
5. Entries will be judged by the following criteria:
  • Creativity of photo: 30%
  • Creativity of write-up: 30%
  • Popularity of blog post: 30%
  • Brand fit: 10%
6. Only one entry per blogger will be allowed for this contest.
7. Winners shall be notified via email and phone call.
Here are the cash prizes up for grabs:
  • First prize: Php 20,000 Cash + 1 Year’s Supply of Real Leaf
  • Second prize: Php 15,000 Cash + 1 Year’s Supply of Real Leaf
  • Third prize: Php 10,000 Cash + 1 Year’s Supply of Real Leaf
  • Consolation Prizes (blog entries ranked 4-10): Real Leaf Product Bundle + Premium Item


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