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Thursday, February 18, 2010

Round #2 of the YugaTech Great Gadget Giveway — Gimme your best shot!

It's our wedding anniversary and ash Wednesday in the same time. We have a perfect timing and a perfect planI have been telling this to hubby since last week but last Monday I told him that it would be a perfect timing to have my entry for Yuga tech Great Gadget giveaway promo taken todayAfter many please and smile, he eventually agreed to my proposition. 

We attended mass as a thanksgiving to our Dear Lord for giving us another year of fruitful marriage.  After the mass ended, the big minute that I have been waiting for, (yes, I put aside my pride, I know that many people would be looking at me, well, that is what i wanted, for them to look at and stop by for a while to know what i am holding)  I found the perfect spot and hubby got his spot too over the top of a stone on the other side of the road. I am holding up high my banner for every one to see but suddenly, I sense something wrong. 
Our digital camera is not working. I could not believe it because  I made it sure that i have  fully charge the battery and besides i have used it just this lunch. I have no choice but to go hurriedly on the other side and to see what is the problem. Just as I look at our digi cam, the screen is totally dark/black and i can't see any colors. Yes, i do panic that instant, why is a perfect plan can go this very bad. I can't help myself and I cried for a while but my ever supportive husband still encourage me to pursue on taking a picture even with his cellphone camera. 

Even though I am still sad and dismayed with what happened in our digital camera, I still make my best shot for the camera. After all, I really wanted to win the MSI Wind U123H.  Just as hubby says, you cant' be a winner if you would quit now. So, i have to set aside my feelings,  even my shyness to focus on my aim. 
Dear Friends: 
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