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Tuesday, February 9, 2010

BabiesandContests new Template

What do you think of my new template? It was made by the equally talented Sai of Blogger Sai as a prize for winning Liz of Bloguardian Hellsite contest.  

I really love the color and the design. I am also doing some revisions/tweaks for your  easy reading.  I do hope that you continue to support this blog.  


Ritz said...

hmmmm.... it need a little more work... i mean the widgets on the top part is not orgnized... but nice template!

sai said...

I see no problem with it except for the nuffnung ad... because basically, the menu bar is 63px and the header is 267px in length... if you put a big ad on it, it will automatically lengthen the bar, but the picture won't stretch.... same goes under and above the header.... just place widgets above, under the blogpost, and the two sidebar on the right... hope I helped... ^_^

~ Ghen ~ said...

nice new template sis =)

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