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Friday, January 29, 2010

Contest Updates

I am so happy to receive positive feedback's from other stage moms like me. Just reading their comments really touch my heart.  I have been through different online voting and I know the hardship of a mother just to win and grab the awards.  It is still fresh in my memory, that there was a time that I was in front of the computer, day and night just to vote for my baby, (even hubby help me that time) for the chance of an appearance and a minute of fame but is it worth it? If you would ask me, i would really say NO, I was very happy then but that happiness turns into frustration, because my hard earned labor was just a waste of time and MONEY (mind you, I need to purchase something in exchange of that fame). The promised prize was NOT given to me until now, well I supposed maybe it was delivered into a wrong ADDRESS (because she said that it was already delivered.)  I have not receive any CALENDAR even until now and it was just too sad and frustrating then.  

There were other moms then that purchase some valuable points to vote for their baby only to find out that the site will soon be out of sight and their precious points will just turned into waste.  Actually, I was not even after the prize then, just seeing your lovely baby in the internet with all the people telling you how lucky you are, is already a blessing but what bothered me most is to learn the fact that many other moms were also a victim  by this (what can you call that, a scam perhaps) site. 

I have learned many lessons from that experience and the important part of it and what I  am so grateful that is, I have gained freinds, true , valuable friends from the internet whom you can share your thoughts, emotions and even personal problems. 

Thank you so much to all of you! You know who you are. 

(This is my personal opinion, this may sound harsh but It was taken from my personal experience, I don't want to create an image here nor I am trying to down other people but I just want to voice out my feelings, I hope this would not affect your judgment of me) 


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